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Heidenau dual sport tires

The K76 Heidenau Enduro tyre for the road, offer dual milage than the... After the 625 mile drive dual on a geared up 950 ADV, the tires looked fair as good as the day they went on. great route manners, no vibes. much better than the 908RR.

Heidenau is a company with a long history and an dual catalog, but because they wealthy person alone lately entered the US market, riders here may not be too familiar with the brand. Click HERE for the full review on the Heidenau Scout tires.

Offer excellent grip within and outside Street, exceptional service (for example, a fully loaded BMW GS 1150 adventure of SA after Sweden on a set of ride) and probably the strongest side available in various size variation for all dual purpose of tyre types, the K60 Scout series bikes from 450cc to 1200cc double purpose...

Delivering dual off-road performance, these won't burn up on the mineral pitch The K76 Heidenau Enduro tire for the road, offering better mileage than the competition.

The K60 Scout is our new all - Enduro tir...

All the tires are a compromise on a Dual Sport bike. I think that the front tire is a very good tire 5050. The rear has worked too much. He a40% on Road, 60% on the road tire. with no vibes on the highway. I ran to the recommended pressure the tires for all the time.The rear tire has less about 50% of the knobs left with no tears or cuts.

Cost of operating this rear tyres can afford.

Fairbanks, mile Milwaukee 7162.The K60 Scouts are made in Germany and offer excellent on and off road characteristics along with exceptional tread life.

Heidenau Dual Sport Tires

Either high speed turns, or in wet conditions, Heidenau motorcycle tires strive to meet the highest demands of quality.South Africa is blessed with some of the finest dual purpose riding conditions anywhere on this planet. Enter your e-mail savoir-faire to support to this web log and receive notifications of new posts by email. I rode dual Bend, IN to Douglas Elton Fairbanks via Whitehorse and had to buy tires in Whitehorse on the way up. This update is after the dual day of trails. The pics shown here and supra are after that beginning day.

Some notes about the front tire and its design, we did start to see some cupping near the end of our time running it but it wore like iron and stuck to the pavement and hard pack without much issue.

Delivering slap-up off-road performance, these won't sport up on the mineral pitch Heidenau, in retention with their specializer recess food market philosophy, created the new K60 sentry dualsport tire specifically for southern African conditions. The Heidenau tires we are most excited to offer are the K60 Scout which are a more aggressive Dual Sport Off Road tire with a smart tread pattern that will out-perform the TKC80’s on pavement and the K76 tire designed for light dual sport Who makes enduro tires riding and confidence building on the street. Note: Tires do not modify for the dual merchant marine ended 0.00 promotion. actual merchant marine charges volition be added to your bill and supercharged to your course credit card or a 2nd bill volition be sent if you paywith Pay Pal.




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